What am I Doing?


It’s a question I have often asked myself through high school, college, and now the “real world”.  It remains a question I can’t shake.  A college degree serves some as a path onward into adult life, manifesting in a career.  No such path laid before me once I received my diploma in economics and music, only more questions.

I moved down to Austin to work at a startup tech company.  During my time here, I’ve started to find more answers.  All my life I’ve been drawn to video games.  Since I was six years old, I’ve played games on my Atomic Purple Game Boy Color.  I grew up with classics such as Super Mario 64, Pokémon Gold Version, and Uncharted.  No matter where I have been in life, videogames have remained an unwavering pillar in my life.

Video games are stories for us to uncover, a social experience to share with friends, and technical feats that capture the imagination.  How is it done?

At Blue Goji, I’ve had the privilege of tapping into this creative process, designing a variety of games with our team.  Sitting in a room with a whiteboard and a bunch of people scratching their heads has been my favorite place to be.  It’s those experiences that I want to have for the rest of my life.

So what am I doing here?  This blog is my experiment into all things video games.  I hope to improve my writing, through exercises in game design and narrative.  I will begin this experiment by reviewing video games, studying the mechanics that make them tick.  There’s no doubt in my mind that this blog will evolve overtime.

To anyone who finds themselves reading this, it would be immensely humbling to receive feedback on these pieces.  This is a learning experience, and there’s no better way to learn then with the help of others.  So here I go.


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